The End of WVYSC

Today delegates packed up and moved out of the bunkhouse.  After a fun 11 days everyone said their goodbye’s and gathered for the last time to hear departing speeches from some staph and watch a picture slideshow.  All of the staph know that this group of delegates is going to go on to do amazing things!

7-19 730To watch the picture slideshow of a camp recap click here!

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The Last Night: Talent Show & Campfire

7-18 637Sadly today is the last fully day of the WVYSC.  For the first half of the day delegates carried on as they normally do, starting with a lecture on West Virginia Wetlands by Sarah Deacon.  This was followed by the final day of directed studies.  Delegates completed their baskets, tested their bridges, and ran gels.

They then moved onto seminars ranging from ninjas & tigers and study abroad 101 to into to programming and waste water treatment.  Recreation time was then filled with the final ultimate frisbee showdown between the winning delegate team and a staph team.  Usually the staph teams win, but surprisingly this year the delegates were champions of the tournament.

The next main event was the talent show! Continue reading

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The WVYSC Olympics

The day began as normal with a lecture from Dr. Rebecca Falin on the science of taste.  This was a very interactive lecture since it involved delegates finding out if they were a supertaster.  Dr. Falin brought in test strips that, when placed on the tongue, will taste extremely bitter if you are a supertaster.  After lecture directed studies continued.

7-17 529

Then delegates moved onto seminars.  Today topics ranged from candy cells and a treasure hunt to acid rain and intro to photography (see the photo’s delegates took here).  Then the olympics began! Continue reading

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The Great Boat Race

The day began with lottery for the final directed study block and a lecture from Danny Welsch, who talked about his journey through college and the projects he worked on after receiving a bachelors degree in Environmental Analysis and Planning.  Delegates then moved onto their last directed studies.  Topics include: basket weaving, power of pressure, materials science, bridge design, DNA extraction, and illustration.

7-16 498

That afternoon seminars began with topics ranging from intro to physics and natural selection to wooly buggers and synthetic blood typing.  That evening rather than having a lecture, delegates were surprised by a trip to a park/recreation area where the Force Floats Boat Race took place. Continue reading

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Hiking, Biking, and Opera Houses

July 15th was a very special day for the delegates.  They were able to sleep in and when they woke up rather than having lectures and directed studies, they met with trip leaders and headed out on hiking and biking trips.  There were 5 different trip choices:

  • Cass: a 6-8mi hike through the woods
  • Seneca Rocks: a 2-3mi hike that leads to an observation deck and swimming hole
  • Cranberry Glade/Falls of Hills Creek: the glades is a natural wetland with many plants and the falls is an easy trail leading to waterfalls
  • Mountain Biking: an advanced biking trip through trails around the NRAO area
  • Spruce Knob: a 1 mi hike leading to an observation deck and field with many boulders

7-15 285

Throughout the afternoon delegates explored WV, saw many unique wetland plants and salamanders, braved the rain, and some even got covered in mud. Continue reading

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The Snake Invasion of July 14th

Today delegates had a very interactive lecture.  Roy Moose taught delegates about snakes of West Virginia and even brought a few in which he carried around, allowing delegates to have a chance to hold/pet a variety of snakes.

7-14 275

Afterwards delegates moved onto their last meeting of the block II directed studies.  Throughout the past 3 days students have used Arduino’s to create devices to monitor temperature or display messages, build trebuchets, tore apart electronics and put them back together, and learned how to do knotwork. (See the completed projects here!) Continue reading

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Movies Under the Moon

Delegates began their morning with a lecture on the nature of science by Dr. Paul Miller.  Dr. Miller talked about how much the current world depends on science, but when teaching science a poor job is done in conveying how fundamental science is.  So he shared what is known on how people learn science and encouraged students to spread what they know with others around them.

7-13 252

After lecture delegates moved on to their directed studies and then seminars.  Today’s seminar topics included the Bernoulli Principle, Tennis & Basketball, and the Art of Using a 40 Foot Telescope.

During the recreational time after seminars a corn hole tournament began.  There are 9 teams competing for the title of WVYSC corn hole champions, today one match was finished and the remaining brackets will be competing throughout the rest of camp.  After dinner there was another special recreational activity. Continue reading

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Finding the WVYSC Quiz Bowl Champions

7-12 166Since yesterday wrapped up the first block of directed studies, today after breakfast delegates had a lottery to pick their next block.  Directed study choices include: what’s inside electronics, intro to Arduino, medieval warfare, intro to space, force floats, and needlepoint/sewing.  Once everyone had a new study, Steve Blasberg gave a lecture on Game Theory.

After lunch delegates moved onto their seminar blocks.  One of today’s choices was viewing the rocket launch of the 4 rockets created in the first block of directed study.  The teams/viewers went out to the launch strip and sent their rockets soaring, some were successful enough to be launched multiple times.  Other seminar activities included ballroom dancing, brain busters, and intro to organic chemistry.  Then the quiz bowl began!

Continue reading

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The 1st Mystery Event

July 11th stared out like every other day at camp.  There was a lecture in the morning about Nanotechnology by Dr. Nathan Cady, the last meeting of current directed studies, and seminars – which ranged from the physics of Angry Birds to operating 40ft telescope and learning about hydrogen power.

7-11 110  7-11 124

As the evening came, things started varying from the normal camp routine.  There was after dinner entertainment (the how-to-braid seminar modeled their hair, Dean and Dakota entertained the audience with a clapping game, and Ozan and Abby did a little improv) followed by a lecture from Jonathan Sanfilippo about Space Debris.  Then things started to get a little different… Continue reading

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The Morning the GBT Was Missing

Today when the7-10 079 delegates woke up, one of the first things noticed was that the GBT wasn’t visible due to heavy fog.  So as the morning progressed and the fog lifted everyone was paying special attention to the telescope – it was a highlight of the morning.

Delegates then moved into their daily schedule which was kicked off with a lecture about stream and wetland restoration efforts in WV by Ryan Gaujot.

Afterwards they had directed studies where they continued with the topics they began investigating yesterday. Continue reading

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