The Morning the GBT Was Missing

Today when the7-10 079 delegates woke up, one of the first things noticed was that the GBT wasn’t visible due to heavy fog.  So as the morning progressed and the fog lifted everyone was paying special attention to the telescope – it was a highlight of the morning.

Delegates then moved into their daily schedule which was kicked off with a lecture about stream and wetland restoration efforts in WV by Ryan Gaujot.

Afterwards they had directed studies where they continued with the topics they began investigating yesterday.

While directed studies were the same, seminars changed.  Today there were a variety of options from thermal shielding and chemical reactions to acting for non-actors and laser field.  When delegates weren’t busy with studies/seminars they were enjoying the nice day playing soccer, lazy frisbee (which is a very new game, just invented today), bocce ball, and other lawn games.

The day was wrapped up with after dinner entertainment by Liv who performed an interpretation and Bree who played piano and sang.  Finally, there was a lecture by Dr. Karen Knee on Hydraulic Fracturing.

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