The 1st Mystery Event

July 11th stared out like every other day at camp.  There was a lecture in the morning about Nanotechnology by Dr. Nathan Cady, the last meeting of current directed studies, and seminars – which ranged from the physics of Angry Birds to operating 40ft telescope and learning about hydrogen power.

7-11 110  7-11 124

As the evening came, things started varying from the normal camp routine.  There was after dinner entertainment (the how-to-braid seminar modeled their hair, Dean and Dakota entertained the audience with a clapping game, and Ozan and Abby did a little improv) followed by a lecture from Jonathan Sanfilippo about Space Debris.  Then things started to get a little different…

7-11 142Lecture was followed by a fashion show providing delegates with information on what not to wear vs. what to wear for a mystery event.  Delegates were told to get changed into PJ’s and grab blankets/pillows then meet outside of the bunk house to be taken to a mystery location.  They were led out into a technology-free zone back by the launch strip where the entire camp had a cabin meeting together and then was given time to just relax and enjoy the beautiful night sky.

To see pictures of everything delegates created during directed studies/seminars click here!

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