Finding the WVYSC Quiz Bowl Champions

7-12 166Since yesterday wrapped up the first block of directed studies, today after breakfast delegates had a lottery to pick their next block.  Directed study choices include: what’s inside electronics, intro to Arduino, medieval warfare, intro to space, force floats, and needlepoint/sewing.  Once everyone had a new study, Steve Blasberg gave a lecture on Game Theory.

After lunch delegates moved onto their seminar blocks.  One of today’s choices was viewing the rocket launch of the 4 rockets created in the first block of directed study.  The teams/viewers went out to the launch strip and sent their rockets soaring, some were successful enough to be launched multiple times.  Other seminar activities included ballroom dancing, brain busters, and intro to organic chemistry.  Then the quiz bowl began!

For the remainder of the afternoon 8 teams of delegates competed in science quiz bowl rounds (only stopping for dinner) until the top 2 teams had been identified.  Then everyone moved into the auditorium where there was the final round.  All of the delegates did a great job answering questions about biology, chemistry, math and physics, but the team Mercury surpassed them all.  Aarohi, Nick, Ozan, Sarah. Sam, Dean, and David.

7-12 209

The competition was followed by the after dinner entertainment of Ozan playing guitar and then ‘The Hicks’ performed their rendition of Hey Brother (you can watch the performance here!).  Sadly, throughout the day 4 people forgot their name tags, so we had a visit from the Czars.  Once the Czars were finished having delegates/staph recite the alphabet backwards, participate in a dance off and giving larger, less forgettable name tags there was an evening lecture by Dr. Michael Shreck on the endogeneity of almost everything.

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