Movies Under the Moon

Delegates began their morning with a lecture on the nature of science by Dr. Paul Miller.  Dr. Miller talked about how much the current world depends on science, but when teaching science a poor job is done in conveying how fundamental science is.  So he shared what is known on how people learn science and encouraged students to spread what they know with others around them.

7-13 252

After lecture delegates moved on to their directed studies and then seminars.  Today’s seminar topics included the Bernoulli Principle, Tennis & Basketball, and the Art of Using a 40 Foot Telescope.

During the recreational time after seminars a corn hole tournament began.  There are 9 teams competing for the title of WVYSC corn hole champions, today one match was finished and the remaining brackets will be competing throughout the rest of camp.  After dinner there was another special recreational activity.

Delegates were put into teams of 3 and raced to complete a scavenger hunt.  There were a range of tasks to complete from identifying drawings, gathering coupons, and finding special locations around NRAO.

7-13 270That evening there was a lecture by Dr. David Hackleman.  He talked about the process of going through college with many interests and gave insight to what careers you could get if you have an interest in engineering/science.

When lecture ended staph put on a fashion show to show delegates how to dress for a special event.  The only clue delegates had about the event was seeing “Twinkle Twinkle (hiccup) little (hiccup star…” written on the daily schedule.  Once delegates had changed into the proper comfortable attire they were led to the old barn near the launch pad where they found a movie had been set up.  So underneath the stars delegates ate popcorn and watched How to Train Your Dragon against the side of a barn.

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