The Snake Invasion of July 14th

Today delegates had a very interactive lecture.  Roy Moose taught delegates about snakes of West Virginia and even brought a few in which he carried around, allowing delegates to have a chance to hold/pet a variety of snakes.

7-14 275

Afterwards delegates moved onto their last meeting of the block II directed studies.  Throughout the past 3 days students have used Arduino’s to create devices to monitor temperature or display messages, build trebuchets, tore apart electronics and put them back together, and learned how to do knotwork. (See the completed projects here!)

7-14 336That afternoon delegates moved onto seminars where they were able to explore a variety of topics ranging from wind power and Mandarin, to 4-H dances and yoga.  Excitement continued with the continuation of the corn hole tournament, trebuchet launches, and the beginning of an ultimate frisbee tournament.

Early in the evening delegates gathered in the auditorium for what they thought was another directed study lottery, so everyone was very surprised and happy to find out the lottery was actually for outdoor trips to take place tomorrow.  Once each delegate was part of a trip after dinner entertainment commenced.

Groups of delegates sand a unique rendition of Radioactive followed by Ozan gathering a group on the spot and performing Any Way You Want It.  The evening ended with a lecture on effective leadership and dynamic followership by Kristen Sanfilippo.

7-14 346


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