Hiking, Biking, and Opera Houses

July 15th was a very special day for the delegates.  They were able to sleep in and when they woke up rather than having lectures and directed studies, they met with trip leaders and headed out on hiking and biking trips.  There were 5 different trip choices:

  • Cass: a 6-8mi hike through the woods
  • Seneca Rocks: a 2-3mi hike that leads to an observation deck and swimming hole
  • Cranberry Glade/Falls of Hills Creek: the glades is a natural wetland with many plants and the falls is an easy trail leading to waterfalls
  • Mountain Biking: an advanced biking trip through trails around the NRAO area
  • Spruce Knob: a 1 mi hike leading to an observation deck and field with many boulders

7-15 285

Throughout the afternoon delegates explored WV, saw many unique wetland plants and salamanders, braved the rain, and some even got covered in mud.

Upon returning to camp delegates began showering and preparing for dinner.  There they were surprised to find out about another mystery event, and as usual, they were only told how to dress.  So after dinner everyone headed back to their rooms to put on their fancy clothes.

7-15 328

7-15 339Once everyone was dress up they boarded a school bus to head to the mystery location.  During this trip a very odd thing happened…..pirates boarded and commandeered the bus.  For the remainder of the trip the bus was filled with pirate songs, a few delegates even joined the pirate crew.  Luckily once the bus arrived at the Opera House the pirates eventually let the delegates go.

Once inside and seated Rebecca Wudarski gave an incredible acoustic performance.  The evening was wrapped up with fancy cream-filled snacks and sparking grape juice.  Then it was back to NRAO for cabin meeting and lights out.

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