The Great Boat Race

The day began with lottery for the final directed study block and a lecture from Danny Welsch, who talked about his journey through college and the projects he worked on after receiving a bachelors degree in Environmental Analysis and Planning.  Delegates then moved onto their last directed studies.  Topics include: basket weaving, power of pressure, materials science, bridge design, DNA extraction, and illustration.

7-16 498

That afternoon seminars began with topics ranging from intro to physics and natural selection to wooly buggers and synthetic blood typing.  That evening rather than having a lecture, delegates were surprised by a trip to a park/recreation area where the Force Floats Boat Race took place.

7-16 489During the first 2 directed studies 9-pairs of students designed and build boats out of
cardboard and duct tape.  Using physics they calculated the force needed to keep them above water, tonight was their moment of truth.  In heats of 3 each team took to the waters.  Some boats sank almost immediately, other made it to one end, even fewer made it down and back.

After all of the races 5 awards were given out:

  • 1st Place: The Mountaineers – Liv and Drake
  • 2nd Place: LayZboat – Mackenzie and Emily
  • 3rd Place: Vikings – Jonathan and Owen
  • Most Spirited: LayZboat – Mackenzie and Emily
  • Titanic Award: Shannon and Jacob

Once the race ended, everyone made their way from the pool over to the playground/pavilion area.  There the corn hole and ultimate tournaments continued, delegates played games of soccer, basketball, and tennis, and enjoyed the playground equipment until dusk.

7-16 518  7-16 523

At 9:30 everyone started heading back to camp, only the surprises weren’t over yet.  Instead of getting ready for cabin meeting delegates were told to dress warm and grab blankets and pillows.  Everyone then headed out near the runway to star gaze and learn about the different constellations.  Since it was a pretty clear night Jeff was able to point out many constellations, a few planets, and even some satellites to the students.

Today was a busy day and there are lots of event pictures that can be found here!



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