The WVYSC Olympics

The day began as normal with a lecture from Dr. Rebecca Falin on the science of taste.  This was a very interactive lecture since it involved delegates finding out if they were a supertaster.  Dr. Falin brought in test strips that, when placed on the tongue, will taste extremely bitter if you are a supertaster.  After lecture directed studies continued.

7-17 529

Then delegates moved onto seminars.  Today topics ranged from candy cells and a treasure hunt to acid rain and intro to photography (see the photo’s delegates took here).  Then the olympics began!

Delegates were divided into teams and sent around the green to compete in a variety of events.  There was a variety of events including water balloon tosses, walking while balancing an egg, running while hula hooping, identifying myster foods, and much much more.  After the olympics were finished, the winning team (Brazil) was rewarded by throwing whipped cream pies at the Director and Assistant Director.

7-17 574  7-17 578

7-17 583  7-17 594

Tonight there were three after dinner entertainers.  First William played his trombone, then Avery recited all 50 states in under 20 seconds, and Aerianna sang Jar of Hearts.  Unfortunately their performances were followed up by a visit from the Czars.  2 Delegates and 1 staph had forgotten namestags throughout the day, as punishment the delegates sang a duet of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the staph had to do pushups and fly around like a helicopter. The evening ended with a lecture on platonic solids and the Euler characteristic by Dr. Tom Fleming.

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