The Last Night: Talent Show & Campfire

7-18 637Sadly today is the last fully day of the WVYSC.  For the first half of the day delegates carried on as they normally do, starting with a lecture on West Virginia Wetlands by Sarah Deacon.  This was followed by the final day of directed studies.  Delegates completed their baskets, tested their bridges, and ran gels.

They then moved onto seminars ranging from ninjas & tigers and study abroad 101 to into to programming and waste water treatment.  Recreation time was then filled with the final ultimate frisbee showdown between the winning delegate team and a staph team.  Usually the staph teams win, but surprisingly this year the delegates were champions of the tournament.

The next main event was the talent show!

Many delegates and staph signed up to perform at the talent show.  The show started with the Queen knighting the winners of her scavenger hunt.  Then the entertainment began.  People sang, did dramatic readings, played instruments, read poetry, and did blindfolded illustrations.  The last delegate event was the 2014 WVYSC Choir, you can watch their performance here!  When the show ended delegates were informed of another surprise event – a campfire.

Everyone ate s’mores and sat around the fire talking.  Delegates and staph members also led the camp in a variety of songs.  It was the perfect way to spend the last night together.

7-18 708

Look at all of today’s pictures here!

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