The West Virginia Youth Science Camp is a residential summer education program for rising high school sophomores.  WVYSC is modeled after the long-standing National Youth Science Camp.  Students from across West Virginia are challenged academically in engaging lectures and hands-on studies, have opportunities for outdoor adventures, and establish friendships that last a lifetime.

The West Virginia Youth Science Camp is made possible through a partnership between the National Youth Science Foundation and the West Virginia Department of Education.  This twelve-day program takes place at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, WV and honors outstanding high school sophomores from around the state.

The National Youth Science Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conducting experiential science education programs to honor, sustain, and encourage aspiring young scientists. These premier science programs provide opportunity for collaboration with peers and visiting scientists and emphasize the social value of mindful scientific careers.

The West Virginia Youth Science Camp is strengthened by a philosophy of attention to the present.  Rather than publish detailed program calendars, WVYSC posts daily schedules with enough information to be prepared for events as they come.  This philosophy permits the Staph* to plan surprise special events and encourages delegates to give undistracted attention to guest presenters.

* a traditional NYSF spelling to highlight their infectious enthusiasm